3 Ways to Avoid The Freshman 15

The “freshman 15” is a term in which college freshmen across the globe statistically have gotten. The phrase originates to when incoming freshman gain 15 or more pounds, due to the difference in culture. Originally, students only gained around 10 pounds but over the years, the size has increased.

There are many ways to stay in shape in college, and it’s never too late. Take it from me, I gained 30 pounds, however with the proper care of my body, I turned that 30 to 0 and gained some muscle in the process.

After college years, your body becomes a bit resilient to the things you intake and put yourself through, it just doesn’t bounce back. Taking care of yourself now will ensure that post-graduation body is in the right position.

Below are 3 ways to avoid the freshman 15.

The 50 Best Snacks for Weight Loss

1. Stock your room with healthy snacks

In most college dorms, you can find an overload of unhealthy snacks. From chips, sodas and juices packed with sugar, to ramen noodles in every pack of flavoring and size. When you think about it, these foods and drinks are absolutely loaded with sugar and at the end of the day, they make you tired, cranky, and just aren’t good for your physique.

You will wake up sluggish, unmotivated, and sleep in more often. Once this happens, and you only eat and sleep, you will subject yourself to gaining weight.

By stocking your fridge and cabinets with healthier alternatives, that middle of the night feast during your procrastination on that one paper will be a bit smoother as you will also get rid of brain fog.

Image result for ysu rec

2. Go to the campus rec

Wether you are a one (wo)man show or you like to go places with a friend, going tot he campus rec is always a great idea. If you don’t want to do cardio and lift weight, join a class. Around the school year, YSU has many Campus X class which are offered to everyone for free.

If you have a fitness watch of some sort or a journal, you can track all the exerting you do and at the end of the day accomplish a goal. The more you stay in shape, with a healthy diet, you will be more energized, wake up earlier, and overall have a better mood.

Image result for reusable water bottle

3. Drinks lots, and I mean lots of water.

It’s no secret that water helps you a lot, from detoxing to just flushing out your system. Drinking a lot of water can also help you stay in shape by boosting your metabolism.

WebMd has great article on why water is not only good for a hot day, but helps your body in ways you didn’t know like balancing body fluids, controlling calories, and skin care.

Buy a reusable water bottle or a gallon jug and set times for you to drink water if it is hard to finish it. Not only is this good for the environment but it is good for your body.

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