The theme of Beyonce’s headlining show: homecoming.


Not just any homecoming, but the homecoming of Historically Black Colleges & Universities.


For HBCUs, homecoming is more than a football game and the parties.


It’s a shared experience by everyone and a celebration of how far we as black people have become as a whole.


Black people in one point in time wasn’t even allowed to be enrolled in college.


Beyonce coachella was a chance to change all of that.


A lot of people don’t understand black culture as a whole, when it comes to family, beliefs, and even the things we are taught as children.


For example, when it comes to college, sororities and fraternities are so drastically different than NPC and IFC (traditionally white) that is comes off confusing.


So for a chance to show off our culture, Beyonce felt as if that was the perfect time.


Starting with the dancers, the lights, the stages, and everything else, it was hand picked by the queen herself.


She was very supportive of all the people who came and made sure that during the eight month preparation were comfortable and were fluid with their craft.


She chose an all black female orchestra, a black female drummer, and a majority of her dancers were what: black females.


All shapes and sizes were included in her performance and this is what makes everything so great.


Beyonce gave a chance for all people from all backgrounds the chance to showcase their talents and create a safe space for everyone to be a part of and show what they were made of.


Her program ran for a total of 107 minutes with not one break. She had a full marching band, three sound stages, and kept everyone entertained.


Beychella racked in a total of 41 million total live viewers and the show was just amazing.


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