3 Samples from Megan Thee Stallion’s ‘Fever’ Mixtape

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The 24-year-old rapper Megan Thee Stallion debuted her first highly anticipated mixtape Fever on May 17, 2019.

Thee Stallion gives us a look into her life in which she raps about having fun, living carefree, and chasing the bag.

The Hotties have also deemed Fever as the ultimate summer project.

Out of the entire mixtape there are six sampled tracks, three of which caught the eye: Simon Says, Pimpin and W.A.B.

Here’s a quick dive into these three tracks.

  1. Simon Says

The Juicy J, Suede and Crazy Mike produced track Simon Says gives the ladies something to dance to in a fun upbeat layout. The beginning of the song starts off with a sample of Philadelphia native Billy Paul’s 1972 single Me & Mrs. Jones.

The song is about an extramarital affair between two people who are deeply in love and meet every single day at the same coffee shop. While they know it is wrong, they continue to do so.

Billy sings, “We got a thing going on. We both know that it’s wrong but it’s much too strong to let it go now.”

Quickly, the samples changes from the slow tempo song to the fast Memphis native’s song Looking 4 Da Chewin by DJ Squeaky featuring Kingpin Skinny Pimp, 8 Ball & MJG and DJ Zirk of 1993.

Ironically DJ Squeeky, in an 2012 interview with Louis Goggans of the Memphis Flyer, said he never worked with Three 6 Mafia for one specific reason: sound biting.

“It really wasn’t a competition, it was an issue with them re-making my music. They were really on the ‘stealing people’s music thing back then.’ Their whole style, their beats, hooks, everything were based on shit I did. All the hooks that you heard from them [earlier on] were samples they took off my mixtapes. They were making their own songs off them. That’s how they got started.”

2. Pimpin

Pimpin begins with a sample Azz Out by DJ Zirk featuring Tony Down and Mr. Kilo G.

Produced by Juicy J, Suede and Crazy Mike, the raw track talks about being in your own bag while also getting some out of a mans with no attachment.

Zirk became the first artist of Memphis to be banned from all radio stations after song Lock Em In Da Trunk in which he rhymes about… well, you get what I’m getting at.

Ski masks, kilos, blunts and dead bodies is what this song is about and it was snatched quickly of all air play. Not only was he banned, but the media also had a big part in it which hurt him.

There was an v.2 of the song made by Three 6 Mafia, however in an interview, Zirk claimed, “Crunchy and Lord Infamous is down with me, cause I aint never had no problem with them. The ones I had a problem with was Paul and Juicy.”

DJ Zirk: Yea, it was why yall niggas constantly sampling our shit and bitin off our stuff. We tryin to please our own crowd with our own stuff. Somebody else come around there and be like “Hey Zirk you on DJ Paul’s tape” And I’m like I aint on no DJ Paul tape. They like listen “Stick em up, stick em up” I’m like Damn! I’m like Aww Shit! And people actually thought that we was together at one point. That man would just take little pieces of a beat and it be just like ours. They was like takin our stuff, makin remixes and makin it his own, then he started puttin his little raps on top of it. Then the click came with him, Skinny & Homicide. All them was together. Cause me and Skinny, Homicide and Kilo G… we saw them at the mall, shopping at the mall, we had a little altercation. Besides Juicy & Paul, its still on with the rest of them. “

Check out the full interview here.

3. W.A.B.

The Project Pat and Supah Mario produced track samples, you guessed it (or maybe you didn’t), Weak Azz Bitch by Three 6 Mafia.

This song boasts about being the baddest bitch you can be. Rising to the top of your ability and staying there with your foot on a neck or two (or seven).

Basically, W.A.B is a followup almost to her song Cocky AF from Tina Snow.

“Bitches hate me ’cause I’m sexy. Buying shit that I was blessed with. I can’t argue with no ho about a nigga I be dissing,” the Big Ole Freak rapper sings.

Listen to Fever on Apple Music, Spotify, and Tidal.

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